Shays Rebellion Significance


President George Washington

Shays Rebellion Significance
George Washington was the 1st American President who served in office from April 30, 1789 to March 4, 1797. One of the key events just before the beginning of his presidency was
Shays Rebellion and this article describes its importance and significance to American history.

Shays Rebellion and its Significance
The importance and significance of Shays Rebellion to American history should not be underestimated. Shays’ Rebellion has even been described as 'America’s First Civil War'. The events in the new nation that led to Shays Rebellion are described in the
Causes of Shays Rebellion. Grievances and protests, rising from economic chaos, were voiced by the poor farmers in Massachusetts. Their protests were largely ignored. Their lands were sold at public auctions and many were thrown into Debtors prisons. Leaders like Daniel Shays spoke out and Shays Rebellion erupted. Now read about the importance and significance of Shays Rebellion in American History. 

Shays Rebellion Significance
Shays Rebellion began on
August 29, 1786 and ended February 27, 1787. It only lasted for six months. Why was this short-lived uprising so important to American history and what was its significance? Shays Rebellion raised crucial questions regarding the relationship of citizens to their government.

Shays Rebellion Significance: Key elements and reasons for Shays Rebellion
The key events, elements and reasons for Shays Rebellion,
that contributed to its importance and its significance, were:


The War of Independence that brought the urgent need for a new government and a constitution

It was necessary to take strict economic measures to clear the massive revolutionary war debt

The United States was governed under a loose union of states by the Articles of Confederation and lacked the authority to regulate trade or to collect taxes - state governments had the majority of the power

Americans were cut off from the British West Indies trade network, seriously affecting commerce

The nation fell into a severe economic recession, with rampant inflation and an unstable currency

Different laws were applied, according to will of each of the state legislatures

The basic rights of American citizens were threatened

The protests of many American citizens were treated with indifference

Shays Rebellion Significance: Problems Highlighted with the Articles of Confederation
Many problems with the system of government and the Articles of Confederation were highlighted due to Shays Rebellion which is why it held so much significance. The Articles of Confederation were effective from March 1, 1781 to March 4, 1789 and were the basis of the national government during and just after the Revolutionary War. The most significant problems highlighted by Shays Rebellion were:


Each state had the power to collect its own taxes

Each state had its own money and the power to issue currency

Each state had the power to provide for its own militia

The federal (national) government lacked the power to compel states to honor national obligations

The national government lacked the power to collect taxes or regulate commerce

There were no courts to resolve issues among the different states

American citizens were unable to identify with the central government - There was no executive branch, no President and no effective way to communicate.  There was no national court system.

Shays Rebellion Significance: Actions Taken
Shays Rebellion Significance was that it highlighted all of the above problems. Various significant and important actions were taken to resolve the issues:


Significance: Americans realized that the importance of a strong, central government

Significance: The Philadelphia Convention (the Constitutional Convention) met to discuss the issues

Significance: The US Constitution was written

Federalist Papers were published leading to the Separation of Powers in government and the system of Checks and Balances

Significance: The decision was made for a President to be elected leader of the central government and the United States

Significance: The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution

Significance: The Formation of Political Parties developed - the Federalists and Anti-Federalists

Shays Rebellion Significance
The US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the freedom of the press, trial by jury, the Federalist Papers,  Shays Rebellion Significance, the Separation of Powers, the System of Checks and Balances - the list goes on and on - the significance of Shays Rebellion to the history of America really shouldn't be underestimated!


Shays Rebellion Significance - President George Washington Video
Shays Rebellion Significance: The article on the Shays Rebellion Significance provides an overview of one of the major events just before his presidential term in office. The following video will give you additional important facts and dates about the political events experienced by the 1st American President whose presidency spanned from April 30, 1789 to March 4, 1797.




Shays Rebellion Significance
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